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California here we come...

California here we come...


Mitzi and I have just begun to experience a huge life changing experience. We sold the farm in Ohio, packed up and moved home base to Northern California. WHAT??? That's right, Northern Cali Baby! So far... we love it! I know, I know... I have never lived more than a days drive to mom's dinner table, but it is not that long of a flight.

It is almost needless to say where we live in California is completely different than central Ohio. Both places have their perks. We loved the little farm we had in Ohio with the Chickens and the garden, and we love the views of Northern California with the mountains and the ocean. I know life just picked up the pace a little, and we are ready to give it a go. I used to travel out here once a year when I worked as the Chef for Team Jegs. Stopping here on the NHRA tour was always a treat as a chef because I got a chance to shop at all the roadside stands. The produce is really amazing!

You know Mitzi and I both love great food, so the Bay area will be perfect. It is such a culinary-based place. We have farmers markets year round all around us which we have only visited a couple times because we just moved, but from what I have seen, I am "all in!”

In my professional career, I am excited to work as a food stylist in San Francisco as well as still work as a food stylist in Columbus, Ohio and anywhere else I am needed across the country. I know it seems crazy, but you get opportunities to go all over the place when you do this type of work. ​​


If you are wondering, yes I still work as a chef. I cook for private events, just not everyday. I don't think I could ever give up cooking. I will also take on work in the TV world as opportunities arise.

Food styling for me is so much fun. I get to work with some incredible food photographers. It is very-very demanding and very rewarding. I have been working for national and global clients who expect top-notch work. I love the challenge! You can look at my portfolio on my food styling page to get a glimpse of what I do. I am not legally allowed to post all the photos I work on as a food stylist, but I will periodically update my portfolio as I work on new photos I can share.

I decided to start blogging because I really enjoy writing. It does take time and energy, so hopefully I will have the time (and energy) to spend to share some good photos, recipes and stories.

Thanks for reading… and Stay Tuned!


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