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Hello to all!

I hope everyone is doing great!

​​It seems like I have been cooking everyday lately. We’ve been eating a wide variety of foods, and I’ve been watching my calories. I normally watch them as they’re passing through my lips, but this time I’m counting them. Ha! I actually think it’s starting to work a little.

​I‘ve been trying to write recipes that don’t have too many calories… lots of veggies in some recipes. I’ve been doing some bulk cooking too. ​Last week, I canned about 4.5 gallons of venison chili that had about 400 calories per pint.

​Canning food is nice because it doesn’t take up freezer space and it stays fresh like the day you made it for a long time. I just used some tomato puree the other night that I canned in 2013.​

Tonight, I used buffalo in my gyro meat mix instead of beef. I was trying to use fewer calories than normal. It turned out really good, but not quite as moist as when I use beef. The pita bread was yummy, but next time I am going to make it with a little less white flour, a little more whole-wheat flour and about ½ the oil just to cut a few calories.

I was doing a little food styling in Columbus, Ohio a couple weeks ago and got out just in time. I think it was 6 degrees the morning I headed back to California. The weather here has been perfect. The flowers are starting to bloom. How about the photo of the purple flowers? Beautiful!

We recently took a picnic to Point Reyes and explored for the day. I didn’t know I had a Bucket List until we took a day trip to Point Reyes at the end of last summer. Returning to that area was on my bucket list. Can you have something on your bucket list if you’ve already done it twice? Well, I think I’ll keep it on… I’ve got to go back again. If you ever get the chance, I recommend the trip. The drive there is beautiful.

Let me know if you're cooking anything fun and exciting, or if you have any unique grilling tips. Have you been watching any racing? Do you have any new tailgating ideas? What is the coolest thing you've eaten lately? I had an elk burger the other day… it was really good.

Until next time, I wish everyone the best, and make sure to hug your mother!


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