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A Whirlwind

A whirlwind. The past couple weeks have been so much fun. Mitzi and I love to stay on the go. We were on the island of Kauai in Hawaii on a magnificent vacation last week. One word to sum it up… Wow! We flew home to the Bay Area in California only with enough time for me to get repacked (with a lot of Mitzi’s help- lol!) and sleep a few hours before heading back to the airport.

Above is my pot of gold!

I traveled to Columbus, Ohio this trip to have the honor of working as a video- food stylist for Donatos. You have to realize, this was a great opportunity. Donatos has been around for decades with nearly 200 stores in 10 states. They’ve built a well known-successful brand. So, being asked to be part of this team was huge. Thank you for the opportunity Donatos! One of the reasons Donatos is so successful is the people they employ. Everyone I worked with was such a pro and positive team player. There was no negative energy on the set the whole time which made the shoot such a pleasure.


There were plenty of emails and phone meetings with the Fechtor Advertising reps prior to our shoot. An idea had to be created, strategized, communicated, understood and consumed. This would assure the shoot day would be fluid without any hiccups. Communication prior to a photo shoot / video shoot is crucial for effective results. As you can see in the photos, there were many specialized people at this shoot making sure Donatos brand was protected and represented properly. The shoot was a huge success thanks to the whole team. Eric Wagner was the man behind the camera and Bridget Henry was the prop stylist on set. … can’t wait to share the final product with you! As a side note, I do have to say one of the best things about the trip is when I arrived. My wonderful mother had baked some of the best bread… great for morning toast with coffee. Thanks Mom- I love you! #BestMomEver

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