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BBQ Spice Rub

Serving Size

for 1 Rack

Cooking Time

Prep Time

3 minutes



A little about this recipe
This recipe is for 1 extra-meaty rack of pork back ribs.
BBQ Spice Rub

I wrote the recipe for the bbq spice rub because I know people love ribs, but are sometimes intimidated to get the flavor right. This recipe is for 1 average size rack of extra-meaty pork back ribs you would buy in the store.

Some people eat their ribs slathered in sweet & tangy bbq sauce, others only like a dry rub…Memphis Style! I prefer them both ways…as long as they are juicy and tasty. I do love the charred burnt “crispies” you get from the sugars in the bbq sauce caramelizing. There is nothing better! I also like a dry rub…no sauce, just flavor. I don’t drip the sauce on my shirt either…LOL!

This spice rub recipe was developed to be used for both styles. It can used as a dry rub recipe for slow cooked pork shoulder or pork ribs. Just season your pork before it’s cooked. You will be pleasantly surprised when it’s time to eat. It’s also designed to compliment a bbq sauce that’s added to the pork after it’s cooked. I know some people don’t char their bbq sauce which is ok too. I’m like to write about the charred sweet and tangy crunches…full of flavor. That’s the way I prefer to enjoy my bbq pork!

The recipe may sound a little different because most people are not used to making their own spice blends, so adding cinnamon and ground bay leaf may sound a little off in a bbq recipe. I can guarantee you it’s not. I’ve used these spices on bbq multiple times with praises from the people who showed up for dinner.

How ever you fancy enjoying your hard work, I wish you the best outcome…full of flavors.

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