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Easy Homemade Chili Powder Recipe

Serving Size
Cooking Time

1/2 cup++


Prep Time

5 minutes



Cooking Class: Did you know there is oregano in chili powder? Try making it yourself! This chili powder recipe is simple & delicious!
Easy Homemade Chili Powder Recipe

I researched and developed this recipe because we had tons of dried peppers from a bumper crop.  There was a mixture of hot and sweet chilis. Most of them were hot…we like spicy food, so I made the first batch crazy hot. I calmed it down after that batch.

We try to grow as many herb/spices as we can throughout the year and use them accordingly. We had to start growing more oregano when homemade chili powder was added to the spice rack.

I use the chili powder for a number of Mexican and Indian dishes as well as in salads and on grilled meats. There is nothing wrong with buying chili powder, but it does feel pretty cool to make your own… You can add, subtract, or substitute ingredients to make it your own.

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Hungarian Paprika: 2 Tablespoons

Dried Peppers (sweet chili- ground): 2 Tablespoons

(I dry a lot of my own peppers, so I usually have some sweet chilis ground that I can use. If you do not grow you own, you can either substitute more Hungarian paprika or regular paprika.

Smoked Paprika: 1.5 Teaspoons

Ghost Pepper Powder: 1/2 Teaspoon

(Feel free to use a sweeter pepper powder or paprika if you do not want this heat.)

Garlic Powder: 4 Teaspoons

Onion Powder: 3 Teaspoons

Oregano (dried): 2 Teaspoons

Cumin Powder: 2 Teaspoons

6 Bay Leaves (ground)

Mix the above ingredients...


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