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How to: cut a champagne mango

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Cooking Class: How to cut a champagne mango | tart vs sweet
How to: cut a champagne mango

Chef Nicky Morse shows the step-by-step process for how to clean a champagne mango.

A champagne mango can be very tart to very sweet depending the ripeness. I use them both depending on the application. Whether you use it tart or sweet, it has a unique flavor. The tartness is a great addition to a smoothie while the sweet one is great for eating raw or making ice cream. Some people like to eat the champagne mango when it is very firm and tart, I like it this way, but prefer it more soft and sweet.

They are so versatile and can be added to about any dish. You can use them in a champagne-mango salsa on grilled grouper, champagne-mango chutney for roast pork, ice creams, in oatmeal, etc, smoothies… The possibilities are endless.


Please watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

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