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How to: cut an English Muffin

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This how to cut an English muffin to get nooks and crannies!
How to: cut an English Muffin

So you can probably tell I’m am a bread lover. I love them all!

Yes, the bread recipe is important, but so is what goes on the bread. My go to is a good peanut butter for most breads and they have to be toasted unless they are fresh. If they are fresh, it’s usually just butter and a dash of salt for me. Sesame-Baru Nut Butter is another one of my favorites. 

When it comes to an English muffin, butter and jelly seem to be a favorite of many people…the more butter the better! How you cut an English muffin is so important to the final taste. It determines how much browning area there will be, texture and just how much butter it will hold.

This video will show you how to cut a fresh English muffin to get the nooks and crannies we all love.


Please watch the video for the recipe and step-by-step instructions.

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