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How to: get perfect sourdough crust

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Cooking Class: Baking tips for getting the perfect crunchy brown crust on your sourdough bread.
How to: get perfect sourdough crust

Chef Nicky Morse shares tips on how to get a perfect sourdough bread crust by just changing a couple things. 

Baking sourdough at different temperatures can achieve different tasty results, from a sourdough with a light colored-soft crust to a sourdough with a dark brown-crunchy crust. 

If you want to be the best sourdough bread baker in the world it takes lots of baking knowledge and practice. You have to have the perfect sourdough starter, understand sourdough kneading, and why to bake sourdough bread with steam just to mention a few things.  Once you have the perfect sourdough recipe, you then have to learn sourdough bread scoring like a pro, etc…

Some people go to culinary arts school to learn bread baking, other learn on the job training at at sourdough bread bakery. Wherever and however you learn the art of baking perfect sourdough bread, I wish you the best. If you get a chance to visit some of the best sourdough bread bakeries in the world, you will definitely see an taste a difference between average and perfect sourdough bread.

Boudin Bakery is a bakery based in San Francisco, California (Fisherman’s Wharf area), known for its sourdough bread. The bakery is recognized as the “oldest" continually operating business in San Francisco. I believe they bake over 10,000 loaves of sourdough bread a day. they have an observation window where you can watch.

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Please watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

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