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How to: peel ginger with a spoon

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Cooking Class: This video shows the trick (hack) for quickly and easily peeling fresh ginger root without a knife or peeler…using a spoon!
How to: peel ginger with a spoon

This video shows the trick (hack) for quickly and easily peeling fresh ginger root without a knife or peeler.

This process can be used when a recipe calls for it being necessary to peel the fresh ginger root. If you wonder “is fresh ginger root safe to consume (edible)”, yes. Not all recipes call for ginger to be peeled.

Some folks say the health benefits of eating fresh ginger are great for treating a number of illnesses from nausea and reducing cholesterol levels to drastically reducing blood sugars and helping with weight loss because of it’s powerful inflammatory abilities. I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know if ginger can help cure cancer or heart disease, but I know it’s like eating fire when you eat it fresh.

I read one time that fresh ginger root helps with a cold or sinus infection. I was looking for a covid cure (when I thought I had it)… LOL! I remember eating a couple fresh garlic cloves, a thumb of ginger and chasing it with organic oregano oil. I would do thins first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. I don’t recommend this concoction for anyone. It was really like eating a bonfire. Fyi, there is something in fresh ginger called “gingerol” which gives it the spicy kick. It is much milder and sweeter tasing when cooked.

I love a ginger lemon tea with honey. Sometimes I’ll steep fresh orange zest and lemon thyme in the tea for added flavor. There are so many recipes for using fresh ginger, from carrot-ginger soup and sesame-ginger salad dressing to spicing up your poke bowl or ginger tea.

However you are using your fresh ginger, just remember how to peel a ginger thumb quickly and easily using a spoon.


Please watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

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