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How to: remove kale leaves quickly & easily

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Cooking Class: This video (cooking hack) shows how to easily and quickly remove kale leaves from stems.
How to: remove kale leaves quickly & easily

This video shows how easily to clean kale from the garden, before cooking, or for making your favorite smoothie or salad. It shows how to remove the kale stem (kale rib) quickly and efficiently.

Kale recipes have become more popular now than ever. Varieties of kale seem to be growing by the day. Some take a long time to cook, while others cook fairly quickly.

“My favorite kale”, as I like to call it, is also referred to as Lacinato kale, Tuscan Kale, Italian kale, dinosaur kale, dino kale, kale, flat back kale, palm tree kale, or black Tuscan palm kale. The popularity of this kale keeps spreading in the USA over the past few years as eating “fresh”, home gardening, juicing, smoothies and plant-based diet movements grow.

One of my favorite ways to cook this kale is a quick sauté in a hot skillet with olive oil and fresh garlic. It has become a staple when we have spaghetti. The two go together perfectly!

A massaged kale salad has become quite the favorite in restaurants. I recommend giving it a try. You can simply chop the fresh kale, massage it with olive oil and fresh lemon juice (or vinegar) for a few minutes and then toss in your favorite salad topping. I like my kale salad tossed with blue cheese, dices tomatoes, red onion, crumbled bacon, chopped boiled egg and toasted pine nuts.

Whatever way you decide to enjoy your kale, I hope this video helps you. I’ve seen people try to remove kale stems so many different ways…this is the easiest!


Chef Nicky Morse | Food Stylist

Please watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

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