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How to: remove strings from celery

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1 minute



Cooking Class: This cooking hack (video) shows the simple trick to having string free celery.
How to: remove strings from celery

Removing the tough strings from celery can make eating your dinner a more pleasant experience.

It seems like eating chicken wings and celery go hand in hand. I enjoy the combination myself with a really good blue cheese dressing. I just have one issue…I am usually the person breaking his celery in half and pulling out the tough strings. I wish it were served already peeled. To me, it’s like serving someone a whole lobster. Yes, it’s possible to clean your own, but it’s nicer when it’s done for you.

Peeling celery is not always a must…if it were going to be diced small and used in a stew or soup for example. I just think that serving strings in celery in a restaurant could be considered a shortcut…just my thought. It seems like there could be waste, but the part you peel off could be used in stocks.

Hopefully this video helps all the people out there who like eating raw celery, but don’t like the strings.


Please watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

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