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Palmier Cookies

Serving Size


Cooking Time

20 minutes

Prep Time

15 minutes



A little about this recipe
Palmier Cookies

There are only two ingredients in this flaky-sugary palmier cookie recipe…three ingredients if you count water. Most people relate to doughs being rolled out in flour. This is an interesting recipe to me, because the dough is rolled out in granulated sugar.

The recipe and process is simple. Fell free to make and use your own puff pastry, but I’m using a frozen puff pastry for this recipe. The cookies come out delicious! For the video, I made classic palmier cookies, but I do sometimes sprinkle in a little cinnamon and/or grated orange zest with the sugar. I’ve also added chopped almonds and lemon zest. If you do use nuts, just make sure they are finely chopped.

A tip to working with puff pastry for this recipe is not letting the dough get too warm. You want it pliable, but not soft and sticky. When you cut the cookies, the dough should hold it’s shape as it is being cut rather than getting mashed down by the knife. I will rub my work surface with a plastic bag of ice, if it is too warm. This definitely helps keep the dough from getting too soft.

Baking the cookies a variety of shades isn’t necessary, but I do it because some people like them more caramelized than others…you know how it is! I definitely like mine more caramelized…most of the time…LOL!

Most everyone’s oven bakes a little differently depending on how full the oven is, etc. I’ve used ovens that will perfectly bake both sides without flipping the cookies. You will have to read your oven as it bakes to determine what you think is best for your desired tastes and results. I didn’t include a written recipe for the amount of ingredients I used because the video is self explanatory.

I don’t think they make the silicone baking mat I used in the video anymore, so here is a link to another brand I owned and used for years. It’s a top notch product! I also included a link to sheet trays and cooling racks.

Silicone Nonstick Baking Mat:

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