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Spiced Sourdough-Cinnamon Cake

Serving Size


Cooking Time

1 hour

Prep Time

3.5-4 hours



A little about this recipe
Sourdough bread, a cinnamon roll, and a spice cake combined!
Spiced Sourdough-Cinnamon Cake

You are going to love this one!

It’s like sourdough bread, a cinnamon roll, and a spice cake combined… The cinnamon-cream cheese icing, cinnamon and fresh orange/lemon zest make it delightful.

I wrote this recipe, while thinking about a secret cinnamon roll recipe my sister-in-law Beth shared with me years ago. The recipe called for a plain boxed-cake mix. The recipe was pretty simple and very tasty. It’s something I’d make for Christmas morning.

This year, I decided to zest it up a little bit….simplify the process…give the flavor an overhaul…write the recipe for a 12-inch iron skillet…make it BIG!

You don’t have to sprinkle the plate with cinnamon and fresh orange/lemon zest, but if you do… you’ll be happy you did! It’s just brings it all to life!

I’m so excited to finally get to share with you. I would have liked to have dedicated this to Beth on her birthday (December 8th), but the recipe didn’t come out exactly the way it was planned. I had to rethink, rewrite and reshoot the whole thing. Sometime’s it can be so frustrating when a recipe doesn’t come out as planned, when I’m sure what I’ve created is a masterpiece (in my mind-LOL!). This was worth a “Take 2!”

Hopefully this will help make your Christmas morning a special one!

Merry Christmas, and God Bless!

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