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Pasta Dough 53 | Spaghetti

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A little about this recipe
The perfect pasta dough recipe for spaghetti!
Pasta Dough 53 | Spaghetti

There were 6 kids in our family...aunts and uncles were always coming to town to visit, and everyone loved to eat (GOOD FOOD!) My grandma was one of nine children. When one of her siblings came to town, it was a feast…the meals never ended. One of my best childhood memories was when Uncle Eddie (Grandma’s brother from Las Vegas) came to visit. He got me out of school early to go home and sit on his lap to eat lunch with everyone at my great-grandma’s house. He did this because he liked the way I ate. LOL!

Cooking with grandma is a very special childhood memory… making fresh pasta was the best! I got to help mix the eggs and flour, knead the dough, turn the crank…she let us do it all!

Over the years, I’ve mastered some perfect recipes for breads and pastas with mom. She is always trying something new and exciting.  We discuss new recipes and processes all the time. So, I would like to dedicate this recipe and process to her as well as the people I talk about in the video. Mom is an incredible cook and a great lady!

This recipe and process is one I’ve been testing for some time now. It’s very easy and consistent. You’ll never have to guess if the dough is too soft or hard again. It’s perfect! The scale and electric pasta machine make the process easy and fun. There is some work involved, but nothing like grandma put into making fresh pasta several times a week.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and share it with the ones you love.

Click here to check out the Atlas Pasta Machine, Motor, and Ounce/Gram Scale used in the video. There are also a number of other useful items you may want for making fresh pasta.


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