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Pasta Dough-no egg 40 | Spaghetti

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The perfect pasta dough recipe with no egg for spaghetti!
Pasta Dough-no egg  40 | Spaghetti

Coming up with the recipe for perfect pasta dough with no egg was a real challenge. It took months because creating custom food content and working as a recipe developer for my own website and social media is not my main gig. I normally work as a private chef and a food stylist based in San Francisco, CA and Columbus, OH, traveling all over the country for work. 

Looking at the notes of prior tests, studying the details of the results, and trying to remember my reasoning at the time I did those past tests were a few things I had to do each time I got a chance to test another idea. I tested ratios, water temperatures, and multiple procedures.

Creating a recipe may seem simple. I guess it could somewhat be. To me it’s like doing a card trick to someone. They are amazed with the incredible results (it’s not possible!) until they find out how the trick was done. Then it’s no big deal… It’s simple!

This pasta dough can be cooked quickly…in just a few minutes while fresh, or it can be dried and stored for the future. It will take longer to cook once dried.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and share it with the ones you love.

Click here to check out the Atlas Pasta Machine, Motor, and Ounce/Gram Scale used in the video. There are also a number of other useful items you may want for making fresh pasta.


Please watch the video for the recipe and step-by-step instructions.

Check out this video which shows how to make the perfect pasta dough using eggs. It's the traditional Italian pasta dough recipe simplified.

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