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Shaping Sourdough Bread

Serving Size
Cooking Time

3 loaves


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A fun way to shape sourdough bread.
Shaping Sourdough Bread

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Shaping a few loaves of Sourdough Bread…

Cooking when the seasons change has been the most enjoyable time for me to create and cook new dishes. For sometime, I’d been thinking about a good bread to go with a really good winter soup, like a peppered crab & tomato bisque or a creamy mushroom, bacon & gruyere gratin. The bread not only had to taste good , but also had to look the part…a little rough around the edges…not precise…, but very tasty!

I was thinking the bread had to be baked dark, creating a strong structure in case people were sharing it at a table, pulling of hunks…soaking it in their bowl of soup. Others may want to slice it thick to make a grilled country ham and farmhouse cheddar sandwich for dipping.A long loaf seemed the way to go, so the roughness had to come from the design.

These three loaves are all the same sourdough bread dough made using sourdough starter…just shaped differently to get three different looks. I also included somewhat of an everything spice on one loaf. 

Which loaf would you prefer to be used for your meal? Would you want a hunk to soak in your soup, or a smoked country ham & farmhouse cheddar sandwich grilled in lightly-salted Irish butter? What soup is your dream?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Sourdough Starter Recipe (no discard!):

Sourdough Bread Recipe:!)

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