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Sourdough Bread (my favorite!)

Serving Size

2 loaves

Cooking Time

45 minutes

Prep Time



A little about this recipe
(Part 2 Sourdough Starter Recipe...simplified) This is my favorite sourdough bread recipe...hopefully it’s yours too!
Sourdough Bread (my favorite!)

First of all, thanks to everyone for the wonderful response and positive comments to my "Sourdough Starter Recipe...simplified". You will definitely want to watch it before watching this sourdough bread video...this video is an extension of that video,telling you what to do once you have created your sourdough starter. Hopefully King Arthur Baking & Food Network will join me in posting the recall notice. Click on the gif to see the starter video:

Baking sourdough bread is therapy for me. It’s enjoyable as well as challenging. I don’t consider myself an expert at baking sourdough bread. I’ve only been studying it since about 2010. Some people have spent their whole life baking and mastering the same recipes.

What I am an expert at is coming up with an idea, research and practicing that idea and not stopping until I get results… I’ve been thinking about this taste and texture for years…tweaked it so many times. I finally hit the jackpot! It’s exactly what I was trying to make.

My research took me through reading so many peoples thoughts & theories about how to create the perfect sourdough bread…making a number of people’s recipes. I’m sure I’ve watched at least a few hundred hours of videos just to maybe pick up a tip or trick.

So, this could be your favorite too, or maybe I’m a step on your ladder of creating your perfect bread. Whichever way it is, hopefully you will enjoy this tasty bread. It is great toasted and used for avocado toast, run through a pool of olive oil, aged balsamic and spices, or just eaten plain with a little butter and salt.

Here is a link to my favorite aged balsamic (I LOVE it!):

You will see in the video that the crust is firm, but the bread does have some spring to it. This is accomplished by a number of things from the sourdough starter recipe and the type of flour used to how the bread was shaped and temp and length of time it was baked.

Please don’t be intimidated by this recipe…give it a try. You can do it! Watch the video and follow it to the best of your ability. If it doesn’t come out perfect the first time, I’m sure you will be able to eat it and try again (or get a friend to bake it of you.HA HA!).

Here is a video of how to get a perfect sourdough crust:

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