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This time... Street Tacos to Lobster

It’s been the most incredible experience working as a food stylist the past couple weeks in Columbus, Ohio for the Oneida brand. I am happy to say I was part of this dream team that finished 72 shots in 6 days.

The coolest thing was getting to work with 10 different Oneida patterns. Some patterns say, “put a lobster on me” while others desire something as simple as street tacos. I love the variety!

Yes, making the food look great for the photos is a lot of work, but it is just a portion of making the entire photo a success. Kim Weekley, Dan Williams and Paul Gebhardt from Oneida had a specific vision for each pattern. Bridget Henry and I worked to build the scene with food and props while Eric Wagner made it all come together with his amazing food photography skills. Eric’s assistant Chris worked really hard, and is definitely a bonus at any shoot.

Can’t wait to share the photos when I get them…


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