A Great 3 Days

California living is really starting to grow on me. The weather alone is enough to sell me, but there is so much more. Many people take a ferry to work. How cool would that be? From where we live, San Francisco is a short-beautiful boat trip over and back. My nephew Martin came to stay with us the last few days from L.A., so Mitzi and I decided to take him EVERYWHERE! We went to Napa one day, San Fran the next, then to Muir woods and Sausalito. Yes, everywhere was beautiful, but a big highlight for me was China Town in San Francisco. It is so interesting because the stores are so different than the ones most people shop at everyday, there seems to be amazing restaurants ever 10 feet, and th

Bistro Jeanty

One of the benefits of living near Napa Valley is visiting all of the wonderful restaurants. So far we have hit the jackpot. Tonight we hooked up with our friends for dinner at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville. It may look like we ordered everything on the menu, but we did share and split food. We started with baked Camembert. It was very simple and very good. It was baked it in it’s own container and served with some toasted bread and a very tasty salad. The tomato soup in puff pastry was a hit as well as the roasted beet salad. I love the classics, so I ordered the rabbit pate’ with cornichons (little pickles). The pate’ was a perfect consistency with a very mild flavor. I think next time I wil

California here we come...

California here we come... WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Mitzi and I have just begun to experience a huge life changing experience. We sold the farm in Ohio, packed up and moved home base to Northern California. WHAT??? That's right, Northern Cali Baby! So far... we love it! I know, I know... I have never lived more than a days drive to mom's dinner table, but it is not that long of a flight. It is almost needless to say where we live in California is completely different than central Ohio. Both places have their perks. We loved the little farm we had in Ohio with the Chickens and the garden, and we love the views of Northern California with the mountains and the ocean. I know life just picked up the pace

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