Moving food across country

I hope everyone is doing well I thought I would share a story with you that I have shared with a lot of people. Some people think it is funny, others think I’m crazy. I just look at it as a way of life. When we decided to move to California, Mitzi and I had to make a lot of decisions. We were going from acres, out buildings, a garden, and about 20 chickens to a complete new way of life. We had to decide what we were going to keep / give away, how much room we would have on the moving truck, and what we were going to sell. We thought about new jobs, doctors, automobiles, etc… But, my biggest worry was how were we going to get our food across the country. We have canned just about everything f

The Racing Chef makes Potato Salad with Richard Childress

I have people contact me all the time looking for the recipes from the Racing Chef TV show I hosted on the SPEED network. Maybe I should post them all again??? It may save me a lot of time! Mike (on my Facebook page) asked me if I had a potato salad recipe to share. Well Mike, here you go. This is one I made with Richard Childress. It is a pretty simple recipe and it is really good. You can alter it a little if you want. Just don't tell Richard! LOL It is amazing for me when I look at how many food related situations I have been in throughout my career. Who gets to cook with Richard Childress??? I love it! I also got to eat with Richard Childress and his crew at a giant crawfish boil. That w

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