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It’s an honor for me to say I worked as a food stylist in Columbus, Ohio for Sister Schubert’s (Shareable Bread) owned by Marzetti. Telling a story in 15 or 30 seconds in a video can be challenging, but I think the whole team did a great job. I worked with Nils Root from Bookbag Video, Cory Pampalone from Storytellers Anonymous and Grant Smucker.

We all knew the shoot was going to be fun when Kim from Sister Schubert’s thought we should start the day off by baking fresh bread for everyone to taste. Yes! If you have not had these rolls, I suggest you give them a try. They are simple to prepare, and people love the taste… open the package, bake the rolls and voila- fresh bread. It’s that easy!

Here is a link to the final video:

You know I moved out west and work as a food stylist in San Francisco, but I still travel where the job takes me. I love working with clients in Ohio because I get to stay with mom when I’m in town. My latest trip to Ohio was especially fun because I went to the Friday night football game to see my nephew Owen get crowned Homecoming King. Here is a photo of Owen and my mom. She was crowned the Homecoming Queen in 1952.

On a business note, I put a new food-styling portfolio together you can see by clicking on the egg. The portfolio includes lots of new photos and videos I worked on this year for a number of clients.

Oh yea, if you need a laugh, keep the evening of November 20th open. I will tell you more later! EXCITING!!! Enjoy!

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