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Hodgepodge Stew

Dinner: What’s in it you might ask? Well, it may be easier to ask what’s not in it.

I wanted all kinds of flavors tonight, and I could not decide what to make, so I made a stew using everything. I am calling it Hodgepodge Stew.

Ok… I will give you the stew overview: I sautéed a large diced white onion with a few serrano peppers and a few cloves of garlic. When they were a little brown, I added some celery and carrots. After a few minutes of sautéing, I added a quart of homemade beef stock. When it came to a boil I added a couple cubed white potatoes and let it cook until the potatoes were almost done. Meanwhile I made a pinwheel of pasta and gyro meat. (That's whipped egg brushed on the gyro meat so it all sticks together when it's cooked.)

I added the sliced pinwheels to the stew with the following: -Some collard greens I cooked last night with smoked hog jowls (cubed) -Charred sweet potatoes -Cooked Lima Beans -Very tender beef I had in the freezer which was cooked in tomato sauce. (cubed) -Salt and pepper When everything was tender, I added about 3 cups of cooked lentils (pureed) to thicken the stew. I hope you enjoyed my dinner tonight. Enjoy!

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