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An omelet for dessert? That’s right!

I was scrolling through some food photography shots today that I worked on as the food stylist. This shot is one I thought you might enjoy. It’s a dessert omelet.

I really like this photo because you can get an idea of the taste through the photo., and boy does it taste good! The omelet is golden brown and sweet looking. It has a little crunch on the outside and is very tender on the inside. The fruit is slightly heated in the glaze so it shines and retains it’s structure. The fruit is not cooked to long, so you can get the individual flavors when eating. The char marks in the powdered sugar give you the caramelized sugar flavor that is great with many desserts and the mojito cream, well let’s just say your mind wonders. The omelet batter recipe kind of reminds me of a mixed combination of soufflé’ and sponge cake batters. The batter is lightly browned on the stove top in a very thin skillet and finished in the oven. The fruit filling is a combination of fresh fruit glazed in a mixture of honey, Grand Marnier, butter, brown sugar, water and lemon zest. The omelet is then folded and filled with the glazed fruit right on the plate. You can alter the glaze depending on what kind of glaze will complement the fruit you use. The batter can also be seasoned accordingly. The whole omelet is doused with powdered sugar and branded with a red-hot skewer to char a design into the powdered sugar... great taste! When I worked for Jegs, they made a Jegs logo-branding iron for me to use. A logo looks awesome when it’s charred in the powdered sugar on the top of the omelet. The omelet can be served with your favorite accompaniment. Some of my favorites would be tangerine ice cream, ice cold mojito cream or lemon sauce. All three might be good together too???!... next time... One big challenge for a chef is always to figure out how to mass produce a recipe. I remember years ago making these for a wedding with 350 guests. It was very challenging and lots of fun. I know people are going to ask me for a detailed recipe. I have many people ask me for the recipes of food photos I post. I am sharing this photo because I was hired as the food stylist for this photo and thought you might enjoy the shot. FYI- I’ve thought about sharing the recipes for many of the food photos I post on social media by making videos. The jury is still out on that one. Enjoy!

Chef Nicky- food stylist based in San Francisco bay area and Columbus Ohio. Check out my food-styling portfolio.

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